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Creating an appointment and administering reminders and repetitions

Click Calendar in the navigation bar at the top right of the screenclick on calendar

Click New event at the top left of the screen or double click a time slot in the calendar at the time you would like your appointment to occur

You can also click and drag several time slots to create an appointment

Type in the event name and location in the appropriate section at the top of the page


The Attendees section below Location will be used when creating meetings rather than appointments, which is covered in Creating meetings and inviting attendees

enter start date and timeEnter a start date and time by choosing an option from the Start drop down lists


select the durationSelect an existing or custom duration for the appointment by choosing an option from the Duration drop down list



enter end date and timeIf you select Custom, choose a date and time from the End drop down lists that appear


location of all day time slotIf you select All day, your appointment will appear at the top of the calendar day rather than in a specific time slot.



select reminder time from the drop downTo set up a reminder for the appointment, select an option from the Reminder drop down list to choose how far in advance of the appointment you would like to be notified

If you set up a reminder, a notification message will appear on screen ahead of the meeting. For more information on reminders, refer to the Managing reminders section of the Outlook Web App Learning Series

select the relevant show as optionTo choose how you would like the appointment to appear to colleagues viewing your calendar, select an option from the Show as drop down list



If you select Free, this time slot will appear empty to others viewing your calendar

select option from repeat drop down listTo repeat the appointment, such as every day or every work day, select an option in the Repeat drop down list



select new repeat patternIf you want to specify a different repeat pattern, select Other in the Repeat drop down list, select an occurrence and click save

If you select a repeat appointment, the appointment will be shown in your calendar with an arrow symbol


tick mark as private box if applicableIf you don’t want people who have access to your calendar to see the details of this appointment, select the Mark as Private box


enter and format any notes if requiredAll they will see is a time slot that is marked as busy and your own calendar will show a padlock on the appointment to indicate that it is private

Once you have entered all of the relevant information, click Save at the top of the screen

Last Reviewed Date 4/3/2019
Updated on 27/06/2022

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