Calendar groups

If you have a select group of calendars that you frequently view, such as those of your direct team members, you can use calendar groups to combine everyone’s schedule into one view

Setting up a calendar group

click on calendar1. Click Calendar in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen



click new calendar group2. Right click on My Calendars on the left side of the screen and select New calendar group from the drop down list



enter the name of the calendarType in the name of the calendar on the left side of the screen and press enter on your keyboard


Add a user’s calendar into the calendar group

right click and select open calendar1. Right click on the new calendar group and select Open calendar from the drop down list



use the search box to search for a user2. Search for the user’s calendar under From directory: and click Open




you can see the calendars in the same groupEach user in the group will show in a list under the calendar group name. Refer to Setting up the view of a shared calendar for more information on viewing someone else’s calendar and changing the colour of a shared calendar


you will be able to see all of the calendars in the same group side by sideThe calendar of each member of the group will be displayed in your calendar when the calendar group is selected on the left side of the screen



Last Reviewed Date 25/06/2019
Updated on 27/06/2022

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