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Setting up the view of a shared calendar

Viewing a shared calendar

click on calendar1. Click Calendar in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen


click on the calendar you want to see2. Click the name of the calendar under Other Calendars

Once the other calendar has been selected, you will be able to see meetings and appointments from the shared calendar appearing in a different colour to your calendar


If someone has not given you full access to the details of his or her calendar then appointments and meetings will only show up as busy rather than displaying full details

If you would like to stop displaying the calendar, click on the name again and the tick will no longer appear to the left of the name under Other Calendars

Changing the colour of a shared calendar

pick a colour from the list1. Right click on the name of the calendar, select Colour and choose a colour from the drop down list



Viewing calendars in merged and split views

click split1. Click day at the top of the screen and then click Split located just below


Split screen can only be viewed in day view and you can undo split calendar by clicking on Merge

Last Reviewed Date 23/11/2020
Updated on 27/06/2022

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