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Calendar permission levels

only available and busy slots can be seenSelect Availability only if you want someone to only see the times on your calendar when you are available or busy



only name of the meeting/appointment will be visibleSelect Limited details if you want someone to see the name of your meeting or appointment. They will not be able to open the calendar entry to see more details about it



all information is availableSelect Full details if you want someone to be able to open calendar entries and see the name of the appointment and list of attendees, as well as any other information you have entered into your calendar. Be aware of any sensitive information, as this setting will include all calendar attachments


editors can edit meetings and appointmentsSelect Editor if you want someone to be able to change meetings and appointments in your calendar. When they update meetings it will not be on your behalf as they will still be listed as the sender. You will receive a notification email when meetings have been changed


can senfd out and respond to meetings on your behalfSelect Delegate to enable someone to send out and respond to meeting invites on your behalf. You can also decide whether you want them to view private appointments or not. You will not be notified when meetings changes have been made

Last Reviewed Date 5/3/2019


Updated on 27/06/2022

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