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Important Note

  • As part of the move to Exchange Online User, Shared and Resource Mailboxes can take up to 1 hour to provision. Following receipt of the ‘success notification’ the creation process will commence and the mailbox temporarily assigned a ‘MigrationPending’ status. Once complete, the status will update to ‘Active’ confirming a successful mailbox creation and allowing access. You can check the status of the account from the User Management area in the portal.
  • It is important to not make any changes to the newly created account until it is in an ‘Active’ state with a mailbox location of ‘Exchange Online’. Editing any attributes, such as email alias, may disrupt the provisioning process.
  • A monthly summary report is sent to local administrator(s) on shared mailboxes, resource mailboxes and distribution lists which do not have an owner.

A Resource Mailbox (also known as a room or equipment mailbox) is a type of mailbox that can be used for booking meeting rooms or equipment. It is set up like a shared mailbox and has owners and members who have access to it and is an effective way to manage/book meeting rooms or equipment. Once set up, users can then include the meeting room or equipment by adding/inviting the Resource Mailbox to their meeting requests.

As a Resource Mailbox is set up like a shared mailbox, refer to Editing a Shared Mailbox  for more information on how to change any Resource Mailbox attributions following its creation.

The steps to edit, transfer, delete and restore a Resource Mailbox remains the same as for a shared mailbox.

Additional Information:

  • A Resource Mailbox is pre-fixed with an organisation’s shortname
  • It has owners and members
  • It can be set up by Local Administrators
  • Data retention is the same as a personal mailbox as per the Data Retention and Information Management Policy – O365
  • As it is set up like a shared mailbox, a password isn’t required to access this mailbox. Permission can be managed by Local Administrators
  • Standard mailbox size is 50 GB
  • If the mailbox isn’t actively monitored, an out of office message should be added so anyone attempting to send an email to a Resource Mailbox knows not to expect a reply
  • Once created, you can request the NHSmail helpdesk to allocate your device to MS Teams if a Teams room account is required

To create a Resource Mailbox:

selecting user managementLog into the NHSmail portal using your NHS credentials and click ‘Admin’ in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Select User Management from the drop down menu.



Click Add at the top left of the screen and select Resource Mailbox from the drop down menu

The remaining steps to create a Resource Mailbox replicate those of a shared mailbox. Please refer to the Creating a shared mailbox guide to complete the mailbox creation process.

Handy Hint

An appropriate name should be used to help identify which resource (room/equipment) the mailbox applies to.

To set up Resource Mailbox permissions:

To set up access to the mailbox, refer to Setting shared mailbox permissions.

To transfer a Resource Mailbox:

To transfer the mailbox, refer to Transferring a shared mailbox.

To delete a Resource Mailbox:

To delete the mailbox, refer to Deleting and restoring a shared mailbox.

To restore a Resource Mailbox:

To restore the mailbox, refer to Deleting and restoring a shared mailbox.

  • Resource Mailboxes can be restored within 30 days of the original date they were deleted. After that, they can no longer be restored
  • To perform a Bulk Edit of Resource Mailboxes, refer to Bulk editing users for guidance
Managing Resource Mailboxes

Owners will not be able to see and manage resource mailboxes via their profile like they can with shared mailboxes. Only LOA’s can manage resource mailboxes from the admin menu.

For a full list of FAQs around the mailbox create process please visit this article

Updated on 11/02/2022

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