Reply and reply all to an email

When using the Reply All function, you should ensure it is appropriate for your response to go to everyone included in the initial message

To reply to an email:

  1. Click Mail in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen

Select mail

       2.Click on the email you want to reply to

       3.Click Reply at the top right of the message to respond to the sender only or click Reply All to respond to all recipients in an email

click either reply or reply to all

If you select reply all, in your response you will see that all of the recipient names are in the To and Cc fields already

       4.Right click on a contact and select Remove to remove him or her from the response

right click on a name to remove

When the subject line reads RE:, this indicates that the email is a reply

You can add a name to the Cc field, below the To field, if they are being included in the email chain for information only

      5.Enter your message into the body of the email

      6.When you are ready, click Send at the top of the email

Click send button

When you reply to an email that has an attachment in it, the attachment won’t be included in your reply


For information on sending patient sensitive data, refer to the User Guide

Updated on 29/05/2019

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