Forwarding emails

If you would like to send an email you have received on to someone who was not included in the original email, you can choose to forward an email

To forward an email:

1. Click Email in the navigation bar on the NHSmail Portal to open your mailbox

2.Click on the email you would like to forward


3.Click the Forward button at the top right of the message



4. Once the email has appeared, enter the recipient and body of the email – the subject line will already be filled in

When the subject line reads FW:, this indicates that the email is being forwarded.

Any attachments in the original email will be included in an email you forward

5.To remove an attachment, click on the drop down with the attachment and click on remove attachment



6.When you are ready, click Send at the top of the email




For information on sending patient sensitive data, refer to the User Guide

Last Reviewed Date 24/05/2024
Updated on 24/05/2024

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