Opening and deleting emails

Opening an email

To open an email in your inbox:

  1. Click Mail in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen

Select mail

      2.Click an unread email to read it in the reading pane

Blue bar and blue subject line on unread emails

Unread emails have a blue bar to the left of them and the subject is also written in blue

3.Double click an email to read it in a new window

Viewing email in new windowclick red cross to close

       4.Click the cross at the top right of the email window to return to your inbox

You may want to flag a received email to set a reminder on it. Refer to the Managing tasks and reminders module for more information on flagging emails

Handy Hint

To print emails, click the three dots at the top right of the message and select print

Deleting an email

Click the red cross that appears in the email preview to the right of the sender’s name when you hover the cursor over it

Hovering over email will make a cross appear

  1. If you accidentally delete an email, you can find it in your deleted items folder on the left side of the main inbox page. To remove an item from your deleted items folder click on the email and drag it to the folder of your choice on the left side of the screen
Handy Hint

You will be able to self-recover deleted items up to 30 days after removal. Following that, you should contact your Local Organisation Administrator to recover deleted items for up to 180 days

Updated on 29/05/2019

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