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National Administration Service (NAS) Bulletin – July 2020

This information is correct at the time of publishing

Introducing improved shared mailbox naming for newly created shared mailboxes

To support response to Covid-19 priorities and following our survey in December 2019 on the naming convention of the NHSmail shared mailboxes, we have taken steps to implement a positive change for NAS managed organisations.

As part of a phased approach, we will be implementing a new shared mailbox naming convention (outlined below) for newly created shared mailboxes from the 17 July 2020.

Community Pharmacy Shared mailbox email address pharmacy.ODScode@nhs.net
Display name Pharmacy.ODScode@nhs.net Pharmacy Name, Town (Pharmacy)
Dentistry Shared mailbox email address dental.ODScode@nhs.net
Display name Dental.ODScode@nhs.net Dental Practice name, Town (Dental)
Social Care Shared mailbox email address care.ODScode@nhs.net
Display name Care.ODScode@nhs.net Care home name, Town (Care)

The second phase will see the new naming convention being applied to existing shared mailboxes and further communications on this will be issued later in the year.

Note: An improved display name will also be implemented, providing more information to the email recipient about the organisation that the shared mailbox belongs to, without this information being included in the email address itself.

What action do I need to take?

Continue to use your shared mailbox as normal.

Further guidance

Guidance and information for NHSmail users managed by the NAS, including the use of shared mailboxes, is available on the NHSmail support site:

NHSmail guide for NAS managed organisations

Frequently asked questions

Shared mailbox guide for NHSmail

Information on ODS codes including a search function to find an organisation’s ODS code is available on the ODS portal.

You can use the NHS Directory (people finder) to search for details of other colleagues that use NHSmail.

Last Reviewed Date 23/07/2020


Updated on 30/06/2022

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