Managing calendar invites

When someone invites you to a meeting, you will receive an email invitation

a meeting invite is indicated by a calendar icon

  1. Either Accept to accept the invite, respond as Tentative if you are unsure if you can attend or not, or Decline if you cannot attend the meeting

select the appropriate responce

     2.If you would like to type a message to the meeting organiser in your response, select edit the response before sending in the drop down list

     3.If you would like to simply send your response without a message, select send the response now from the drop down list

     4.If you would not like the meeting organiser to be notified of you response, select do not send a response from the drop down list

select most appropriate way to notify organiser of your attendance

If you accept or tentatively accept, the meeting will then appear in your calendar

If you decline the meeting, it will not be visible in your calendar

Updated on 25/06/2019

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