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Install Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile (Android / iOS)

1. Open Microsoft Teams application

2. Select Get the app from the dialog box to install the Microsoft Authenticator App

3. Select Get

4. Once the Microsoft Authenticator app has been installed select Open

5. Select Allow for the Microsoft Authenticator to send notifications

6. Select OK

7. Enter your nhs.net password and select Sign in

8. Select Register

9. Select Next

10. Select Next on the Start by getting the app screen


On some Android devices, you may be asked to download Company Portal app prior to setting up the Authenticator app.

11. Select I want to set up a different method

12. Select Security questions from the drop-down menu and select Confirm

13. Select 5 security questions and provide an answer for each question

14. Once the security questions have been completed, select Done

15. Select Allow for the Teams app to send you notifications

16. Select OK to allow Teams to access your microphone

Updated on 11/06/2021

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