Creating a NHS directory contact

Within the Portal you can create an NHS Directory entry for a contact that does not have an NHSmail account ( domain). For example an individual who is affiliated with your organisation but that works at an NHS trust where they use another email system

Once you add a contact, he or she will become visible and searchable in the NHS Directory to all NHSmail users. The contact can also be added to distribution lists. Once you have entered the contact information you will be responsible for management of the contact information to ensure it is kept up to date. You can configure your connector to update Contact entries. Refer to the TanSync guides on the Policy and Guidance Help Page

To create a new contact:

Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Contacts from the drop down menu



Click Add at the top left of the screen and select Contact from the drop down menu


Refer to CSV Uploads section for information on using the CSV Upload function to create or edit contacts

Enter the user’s details such as Title, First Name, Last Name in the appropriate boxes

All fields with an * are mandatory

The contact’s Display Name will be generated automatically

Type in any contact numbers, including Mobile, Telephone, Pager and Fax into the appropriate boxes

Enter the Email Address in the appropriate box

Enter the SIP Address in the appropriate box if the Contact has a telephone extension for a VOIP system


You will not be able to add email addresses that end in as they are already in the NHS Directory

Select the Contact’s Clinical Speciality, Role and Work Area from the appropriate drop down menu. You can select more than one option

Type in any relevant Notes about the contact in the Notes text box. This note will be visible to all users when they search for the contact within the NHS Directory



Handy Hint

Use the notes field to let other administrators know why the contact has been added to the NHS Directory as a Contact e.g. what company or organisation they work for

Select the organisational unitSelect your Organisation from the drop down menu

If applicable, select the Organisational Unit that the contact is affiliated with from the expandable list

Click Create at the bottom of the page

Additional Information:

  • You can tell the difference between a Contact entry and an NHSmail user when searching the NHS Directory. Contacts entries have (Contact) following their display name and the icon next to their name is an address book
  • Contacts will not have access to the Portal to manage their own contact information, so you must ensure that you manage the contact information so that it remains up to date
  • Mandatory fields for each row in the CSV while creating new contacts are – Local ID, Firstname, Lastname, EmailAddress, Organisation ODSCode and Organisation Unit ODSCode
  • Mandatory fields for each row in the CSV while editing existing contacts are – Firstname, Lastname, EmailAddress, Old EmailAddress (only if you’re updating Email Address of the existing contact, otherwise leave it as blank), Organisation ODSCode and Organisation Unit ODSCode
Last Reviewed Date 24/04/2024
Updated on 24/04/2024

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