Converting a NHS Directory contact to a User

If a contact associated to your organisation joins it, you can convert the contact into a user. The conversion process lifts all contact information about the individual and pre-populates it onto the create a user page. Once the process is complete the contact will be set up with a user account. The original contact entry in the NHS directory will not be deleted.

To convert a contact to user:

Use the search box to find the contact that you wish to convert to user

Refer to the Searching for an Entry section for more information


Click the contact’s Display Name to open the Edit Contact page


Click the Convert to user button in the Actions box


Click Confirm to confirm the conversion


Complete the fields on the create user page.

Refer to Creating a User Account for more information on how to complete the fields on this page.



You must select an email address as this is not generated automatically

Click Create to convert contact to user.


Last Reviewed Date 26/09/2019
Updated on 06/07/2022

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