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You can  use the CSV functionality to bulk update user accounts. If you have updated a CSV file with up-to-date user information (Title, Name, Mobile Number, Job title, etc.)  this file can then be re-uploaded to the Portal to update the user’s NHS Directory entry. You must ensure that the user’s unique local ID aligns with that of the current Directory so that user accounts are not duplicated. To generate a list of users’ current local IDs Local Administrators can run the Mailbox Report through the Portal, please note the correlating Local ID in the Mailbox Report is the ExternalSyncID.


CSV uploads cannot be used for internal organisation transfers between organisation units. This process can be achieved in bulk via the user management bulk transfer process by selecting multiple accounts

Users that will be updatedFollow the CSV file validation section in Bulk uploading users via CSV files to upload a CSV file with updated user information.

When the file is successfully validated, you will be notified that the accounts already exist and that these accounts will be updated



If you do not get a message that the user accounts already exist and will be updated, review the local ID codes in the CSV file before proceeding to avoid duplicating accounts

Click Upload at the bottom of the page

The following message will be displayed:

Success noticication

You will also receive an CSV results email. This results email will have the uploaded CSV file attached with an additional column which contains the result of each user account update

Additional Information:

  • Best Practice: It is advisable to make several smaller submissions rather than one large update
  • Processing Time: Submissions are processed in the background, and the time taken for this depends on the quantity of updates. Please only submit one CSV at a time and wait for it to complete before submitting another. Uploading items in parallel will cause issues such as duplicate accounts
  • Error Handling: In the event of an issue mid-execution, avoid re-submitting the entire file again as it is possible that a portion of the entries were created. Resubmitting could result in duplicates. Check via the Admin User and Mailbox List and Reports section to see which mailboxes were created. Validate the CSV file and adjust it accordingly before proceeding
  • When updating users via CSV, the password field cannot be updated so there is no need to include a password column. The users’ password will remain the same
Last Reviewed Date 01/11/2021
Updated on 06/07/2022

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