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If you know the answers to your security questions and have a mobile number set within the profile section of your account (note: you must have access to this mobile), you will be able to unlock your account.


Mobile numbers used to register for an NHSmail account must be UK based. Any NHSmail account registered with non-UK number will be disabled and will need to contact their local organisation to apply a UK based phone number to their NHSmail account. Please see Information – Non-UK registered Phone Numbers for more information.

If you do not know the answers to your security questions or you do not have a mobile phone number associated with your account, you will need to contact your Local Administrator to unlock your account.

If your organisation has adopted Same Sign On, resetting your NHSmail password will also reset the password used to access your workstation through local Active Directory. Likewise, if you reset your password on the local Active Directory (e.g. on your workstation, or IT reset password for you) this new password will apply to your NHSmail account. The NHSmail Password Policy and one-year expiry date will apply to both accounts, NHSmail and local Active Directory, so you will only be required to change your password on one system each year.

If you are new to an organisation and have been given a new NHSmail account, if your organisation has adopted Same Sign On you will need to reset your password after your NHSmail account has synced to ensure both your NHSmail and local Active Directory passwords are the same. Please wait up to 24 hours before resetting your password to ensure your NHSmail account has had time to sync.

If you have recently transferred to a different organisation and taken your existing NHSmail account with you, if your new organisation has adopted Same Sign On your NHSmail and local Active Directory passwords will synchronise when you change one of them. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours before changing or resetting your password after you transfer to a new organisation to ensure your NHSmail account has had time to sync with the local Active Directory.

To unlock your account using self-service, click on the following button:

Unlock Account

After following the link provided above, enter your email address and last 4 digits of your mobile number. You will then be asked to provide answers to your security questions. Once you have correctly answered the security questions, you will get two options:

Option 1. To unlock the account without resetting your password:

Select Unlock and Keep Current Password



The following message will be displayed



Option 2. To unlock the account and reset the password:

Select Unlock and Reset Password  



A text message with a new temporary password will be sent to the mobile number associated with your account.

Last Reviewed Date 17/04/2020
Updated on 01/07/2022

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