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We understand how frustrating can be to lose access to your account. NHSmail has in place two user friendly solutions that will allow you to reset your password and enable you  

You can either:  

1. Contact your local IT helpdesk or a Local Administrator over the phone; you can find the “Get in Touch” details for your organisation following the steps Finding a Local Administrator in the NHS Support Site – https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/finding-your-local-administrator/

Or contact the NHSmail helpdesk: https://support.nhs.net/contact/ 

Users managed by the National Administration Service (NAS) should contact the NHSmail helpdesk directly. 

2. If you have MFA enabled or have previously registered an authentication method for your account, use the online self-service password reset function. 


When using the self – service password reset function, you will be required to change your existing password. If you would like to keep your password, please contact your local IT helpdesk instead.



  • For users who currently use the same password to seamlessly login between
    NHSmaiI Portal/O365 services (Outlook, SharePoint, Teams) and into their
    workstation (laptop or desktop), resetting the password using the online Self-
    service Password Reset will change both.

For users who are using separate passwords, it will change only the password
to login into NHSmaiI Portal/O365 services (Outlook, SharePoint, Teams).

If users are unsure about this topic, please contact a Local Administrator in your organisation.

  • NHSmaiI password and one-year expiry date policies still apply, you will only be
    required to change your password once each year.
  • If a user is new to an organisation or has been recently transferred to a new one, please wait 24 hours before resetting your password.

Last Reviewed Date 27/07/2023
Updated on 27/07/2023

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