Transferring a static or dynamic distribution list

A static or dynamic distribution list may need to be transferred from one organisation to another (e.g. if an organisation closes down and a new organisation will be taking over ownership of the distribution list). You will be able to move the distribution list from the original organisation to the new organisation as long as you have administrative rights at both organisations. If you do not have administrative rights at both organisations, contact one of your Local Administrators who has those permissions or the NHSmail National Help Desk

To transfer a distribution list:

Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Distribution List from the drop down menu

Use the search box to find the distribution list that you wish to transfer

Refer to the Searching for an Entry section for more information

Handy Hint

You can use the Advanced Search to filter by static or dynamic distribution lists.

Click the distribution list display name to open the Edit Distribution List Page

Click Transfer in the Actions box




Select the new organisationSelect the New Organisation from the drop down menu and click Transfer


The following message will be displayed:

Success notification

The distribution list owner will receive an email detailing that the transfer was successful

Additional Information:

  • The organisation’s short display name prefix on the distribution list will be updated to the new organisation
  • Following a transfer, the status of the distribution list will remain enabled and will not need to be re-enabled
  • There will be no changes to account members and there will be no changes to any rules for a dynamic distribution list. If there is a rule about the old organisation that is obsolete, the owner will need to edit the distribution list to remove it. Authorised senders will not be able to send to the Distribution List until these rules are edited
Last Reviewed Date 10/04/2019
Updated on 06/07/2022

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