Deleting a static or dynamic distribution list

You should delete any static or dynamic distribution lists that are no longer required or used. Once a distribution list has been deleted, users will no longer be able to send emails to this group of contacts. You will only be able to delete static or dynamic distribution lists under your organisation and you will need the appropriate permissions to perform this action

To delete a static or dynamic distribution list:


Once a distribution list is deleted it cannot be recovered. Before completing the steps below, please double check you are deleting the correct list

Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Distribution Lists from the drop down menu

Use the search box find the distribution list you wish to delete

Refer to the Searching for an Entry section for more information

Handy Hint

Use the advanced search feature to filter by static or dynamic distribution list types

Click the distribution list Name to open the Distribution List Details Page

Click Delete in the Actions Box




Click Confirm to verify that you want to delete the dynamic distribution list



The following message will be displayed:

Success Notification

Last Reviewed Date 18/03/2022
Updated on 06/07/2022

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