Schedule a webinar

Webinars are structured meetings where presenters can schedule and open registration to attendees. Users can schedule a webinar following the below guidance.

Creating a webinar


1. Open Teams

2. Click on Calendar



3. Click on new meeting and select webinar from the drop-down list



4. The new webinar window opens




5. Select the Time zone, and click on require registration to select the audience



  • For everyone allows people outside of your organisation to register and attend
  • For People in your org allows only users in your organisation to register for webinars
  • None setting will turn meeting registration off and users will be unable to register for the webinar


6. Enter a title for your webinar, the required presenters and notes for the presenters and organisers. Please note at least one user needs to be added to create the webinar. Please visit roles in a Team meeting, to explore capability of what organisers and presenters can do during the meeting.



At least one user should be added for the event to be created


7. Select date and time for the webinar



  • The information entered on this page is for the webinar presenters only, attendees would not have the visibility
  • You can set a different start time for attendees on the registration form

To customise the registration form


1. Select View registration form




2. Add title, details about the webinar, list the speakers for the event and the webinar start time



3. You can add an optional banner or image to the top of the attendee registration form




4. Attendees will be required to register for the webinar and complete a registration form with their first name, last name, and email address




5. Click on Add field to add additional fields to the registration form




6. Click on Save




7. Select Copy registration link. This link generates the registration form for attendees. Please ensure all attendees are sent this link to enable them to attend the webinar



8. Close the registration form and click Send




  • Local organisations are responsible for the data fields included and data collected as part of the webinar registration process. Users should be educated to ensure only appropriate data is collected, according to local organisation need and impact assessment
  • The presenters will receive an invitation email for registration and the registration link will become active so attendees can register
  • Once recipients click on the registration link, they are redirected to the Teams registration page where they can sign up for the webinar and answer the questions posed by the organiser.
  • After registering, attendees will receive a confirmation email and the webinar details, including an .ics file to add to their calendar.

Webinar settings

Organisers can manage the webinar via meeting options. For example, who can bypass the meeting lobby, choosing the presenters, preventing attendees from turning their video and audio on.

The webinar settings can be accessed by clicking on the three dots in the calendar invite prior the meeting



The webinar settings can be accessed during the meeting by selecting the 3 dots and selecting Meeting options


Webinar features

To access more webinar features in Teams:



Click on calendar

Click on invite and select Edit



The chat window displays the chat history of the webinar


The files window displays the shared files with attendees during the meeting



The details of the webinar, recording and transcripts of the webinar, attendance and registration report can be viewed and downloaded from the details window post webinar.


Scheduling assistant

Scheduling assistant provides additional support in coordinating multiple schedules when creating a meeting.

It allows you to view when other people are busy or available to determine when the best time is to schedule a meeting


Meeting notes

The meeting notes section displays the notes taken during the meeting.

During a meeting you may want to be taking minutes and share this with your attendees. In teams you can do that by clicking on the three dots … and selecting Meeting notes



Whiteboard feature allows users to sketch and brainstorm ideas onto a freeform digital canvas during webinars.

It uses a standard classroom whiteboard format, stored in the cloud and is accessible by anyone in the meeting.




Webinar organisers can view and download a meeting attendance report from the chat history or the details section post meeting.



The organiser can also view the attendance stats in the attendance pane once the meeting has ended.


Recordings and transcripts


The recordings and the transcriptions of the webinar are displayed in this section below. The recording and the transcripts can be downloaded clicking on the download icon.


The recording and transcripts can also be downloaded from the webinar chat history or from the details section of the calendar invite



The recording and transcript will only be grouped together in the chat section of the webinar when it is recorded. Please visit Record a meeting for further guidance.


Registration report

Webinar organiser can monitor registration activity via the Registration report prior, during and post meeting. The registration reports details on the users who have registered for the webinar.

The registration report can be downloaded from the details section once the meeting has ended.


You can add Q&A to a webinar meeting. Please see Add Q&A to a Teams meeting or webinar on how to set up Q&A for your webinar.

Last Reviewed Date 31/03/2022




Updated on 05/07/2022

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