OneDrive Temporary Delegate Access

Local Administrators (LAs) can grant temporary delegated access to the OneDrive of users from their organisation. Users who are granted delegated access will be able to view, upload, share and delete content from the OneDrive.

Delegated access will be available for 8 hours before being automatically retracted.

This will give the ability to grant access to a user’s OneDrive when the user is unavailable and urgent access is required. When an employee leaves your organisation, if you remove their licence but their account is still active you will also be able to access their OneDrive to back up important documents.

All activity is recorded in the audit database. An automated email will also be sent to the owner of the OneDrive including the name of the administrator making the change, the details of the person access was granted to, and the time period it was available.


 Please be aware that the grantee (the person given access to another user’s OneDrive) will be able to download, share and delete content.

OneDrive temporary delegate access is subject to local procedures and is not governed by NHSmail. For further information, please see the NHSmail Acceptable Use Policy.

Please see below for guidance on how LAs can delegate OneDrive access.

1. Navigate to the NHSmail portal and select Login in the top right corner.



2. Enter your login details and click the Sign In button




3. Click on the Admin tab and select User Management




4. Search for the user’s details by typing their name in the textbox labelled Display Name and clicking the magnifying glass icon



5. Select the tick box in the row containing the chosen user




6. In the User Details page, click the Delegate OneDrive button in the actions list



7. In the Delegate One Drive Access page, click the Add button




8. Search for the user(s) who should be given delegate access by typing their name in the textbox labelled Display Name, then clicking the magnifying glass icon



9. Select the tick box next to the chosen user(s) and then click on the Select button



10. When the selected users have been added, click the Update button



11. A green success message will appear to confirm delegates have been updated successfully.



Both the owner of the OneDrive and the user(s) who have been given delegate access will receive an email notification.

The delegated user(s) will be able view, upload, share and delete content from the OneDrive for the next 8 hours.

Last Reviewed Date 14/03/2022
Updated on 06/07/2022

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