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How to hide / unhide your mobile phone number from the NHS Directory

A mobile phone number needs to be provided when applying for an NHSmail account as temporary passwords are sent via a text message.


Mobile numbers used to register for an NHSmail account must be UK based. Any NHSmail account registered with non-UK number will be disabled and will need to contact their local organisation to apply a UK based phone number to their NHSmail account. Please see Information – Non-UK registered Phone Numbers for more information

The mobile phone number provided during registration is automatically added to the NHS Directory but you can opt for this to not be visible.

Important note

Mobile phone numbers that are hidden from the NHS Directory will still be accessible and used by your organisation’s Local Administrators or NHSmail helpdesk for the administration of your NHSmail account and during the resolution of incidents.

Note: For independent midwives, community pharmacy, dentistry and social care users, the mobile phone number is automatically hidden from the NHS Directory by default, at the time of registration.

To hide the mobile number:

To do this you will need to follow the below steps:

1. Log into your account via www.nhs.net
2. Click Profile in the navigation bar at the top of the screen

Hide mobile number3. Click on My Profile tab
4. If you wish to hide a personal mobile number from being displayed in the NHS Directory click the ‘Hide mobile number from address book’ option


Next5. Click Next


To unhide the mobile number:

Follow the steps 1-3 as mentioned above

Hide mobile 1. Untick the ‘Hide mobile number from address book’ option




Next2. Click Next


Last Reviewed Date 17/06/2021
Updated on 01/07/2022

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