Creating a task

A task is an activity that you do not want to add to your calendar, but is something you may want to set a reminder for in order to monitor and complete it within a specified period of time

You can either create a task or set up a reminder on a received email

click on tasks1. Click on Tasks in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen



select the due date using the calendar2. Click New task at the top left of the screen

3. Enter the subject in the empty text field and select the due date by clicking on the Due drop down list and selecting a date from the calendar


fill in the form by using the drop down lists4. Click show more details to enter in additional details by choosing from the various options in the drop down lists

5. You can enter a start and completion date by selecting a date from the drop down lists

6. You can set the status of your task as either Not started, In progressCompleted, Waiting on others or Deferred

   7. You can type a number in the % complete box to detail how far through the task you are

   8. You can set a task’s priority by choosing either Low, Normal or High from the Priority drop down list

fill in the total work section9. You can mark a task as private, meaning others will not be able to see the details of the task by selecting the Mark private box

10. Under Total work, you can enter the time spent on the task (either by minutes, hours, days or weeks), Mileage, Billing and Companies

add any notes 11. Type details and notes for the task in the large text box towards the bottom of the screen

12. When you have finished, click Save at the top of the screen


For information on setting reminders and repetitions for a task, refer to the Setting a task reminder section of this module

Last Reviewed Date 27/06/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022

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