Creating a task

A task is an activity that you do not want to add to your calendar, but is something you may want to set a reminder for in order to monitor and complete it within a specified period of time

You can either create a task or set up a reminder on a received email

1. Click on check icon in the navigation bar at the top left of the screen and then click Tasks



2. Click Add a task




3. Enter the subject in the empty text field and select the due date by clicking on the Calendar icon and selecting a date from the calendar

You can also click on the Notify icon to set reminders for yourself at a specific date and time


When you have finished, click Add at the top of the screen




4. Click on the task to enter in additional details by choosing from the various options in the drop-down

5. You can click on Repeat if the task is run everyday or every week by selecting from the drop-down

6. You can set a category for your task, you can add attachments/files to the task

7. Type details and notes for the task in the text box towards the bottom of the screen

8. You can mark the task as important by clicking on the star icon

For information on setting reminders and repetitions for a task, refer to the Setting a task reminder section of this module

Last Reviewed Date 03/05/2024
Updated on 03/05/2024

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