Editing and deleting a reminder

Editing a reminder

click on tasks1. Click on Tasks in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen



enter new date and time2. Select the task that has the reminder you want to edit and you can choose a new date and time from the Reminder drop down lists at the right of the screen

3. You can also edit the repetitions of a reminder, by clicking Edit at the top of the screen and choosing a new frequency from the Repetitions drop down list

4. Once you have set a repetition you can edit the start and end date of the repetitions by choosing an option from the From and To drop down lists

5. When you have finished, click Save at the top of the screen

Deleting a reminder

deselect the reminder tick boxDeselect the Reminder box towards the bottom of the screen




Last Reviewed Date 27/06/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022

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