Using flags to set reminders and Managing reminders

Using flags to set reminders

Click Mail in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen

select mail

Identify the email you want to add to tasks and right click on the flag icon to the right of the email subject

Select a task completion date from the drop down list

select the completion date

The email will then be added to your flagged items and tasks list located under My Tasks on the left side of the Tasks page

If you left click the flag icon, the completion date will automatically be set as Today

reminders will appear

A reminder will appear on screen on the completion day you selected or when it is overdue

If you would like the due date to be later than those listed, you can edit the flagged item at a later date by right clicking on the flag icon

Managing reminders

A reminder box appears at the top of the screen, notifying you about a task to complete at a time specified by you. You can either dismiss the reminder or snooze it for a specified period of time, so that it will appear on screen again at a later time

Click snooze to postpone the reminder or dismiss to discard the reminder

either snooze or dismiss the notification

If you select snooze, indicate the amount of time you would like to pass before you are notified about the task again, by selecting an option from the drop down list

select the snooze time

Updated on 09/04/2019

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