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If you use an Apple Mac computer, there are a few additional steps required to get email working on your device. Please read through this guidance and follow the steps to complete the necessary reconfiguration.

Important Note

If you use both the Mac Mail and the Microsoft Outlook applications, you will need to follow all guidance steps below to reconfigure your Mail settings correctly

Outlook Application

If you have downloaded the Microsoft Outlook application (from the Mac App Store) onto your Mac device and use this instead of the Mac Mail application, you will need to follow these steps to start receiving emails:

1. Open the Outlook Mail application. You will notice a popup as shown in the image below

2. To re-establish connectivity, select ‘Always use my response for this server’ and then ‘Allow’. This will reconnect your client

Mail Users

Important Note: Some of the steps may look slightly different depending on the version of MacOS you use. The screenshots shown are from MacOS Catalina.

If you use the built in Apple Mac Mail application (icon for reference), please follow the steps below after your account completed the Refresh. You will receive countdown communications advising of when this will be to your email account.


1. Open the Mail application. You will notice an error message (Account Error), as shown in the images



Within Connection Doctor (Window; Connection Doctor) you will see the below error message



2. To re-establish connectivity: Select Apple and Accounts – the below image will show all the Mail accounts you have setup



3. Select the Exchange account in the left-hand pane. Once highlighted, select the minus symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. The below pop up will appear

4. Select OK. Your NHSmail account will now disappear from Mac Mail.  The below steps provide instructions on how to re-add the account

5. Select Mail; Add Account




6. Select Exchange; Continue




7. Select Sign In and enter your NHSmail ( username & password, and select Sign In







8. Select what you would like to turn on. Please tick the Mail box if you want to receive and use email on Mac Mail, then select Done



9. Navigate back to the Mac Mail window. Under the inbox dropdown you should now see Exchange successfully connected (without the error message shown in step one). You should now be able to use email with Mac Mail


Should these steps fail, please reattempt the steps outlined in this article. If your mail client fails to connect for a second time, please contact your local IT or

Last Reviewed Date 25/11/2021
Updated on 25/07/2022

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