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NHSmail – NHS Smartcard Pre-Registration | User Manual

This manual provides step-by-step information to access My Identity Portal and link a NHS Smartcard to your NHSmail Account following a one-time 3 step process.


Please first ensure the following apply to you before proceeding with this manual:

  • User has an active nhs.net account.
  • User has accepted NHSmail Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • User has an active NHS Care Identity Smartcard.
  • User has got Credential Management System deployed on their machine and uses a compatible Internet Browser.

If you meet all the above pre-requisites, you’ll be able to register your NHS Smartcard.

Contact a Local Administrator in your organization if you have issues with your nhs.net account.

Follow these steps to accept NHSmail Acceptable Use Policy.

Not all users will have access to a NHS Smartcard; find out if you can order a smartcard and smartcard reader.

Check how to configure your device to work with NHS CIS2.

How to access My Identity Portal

Please navigate to the link below which will direct you to My Identity Portal.

We strongly recommend that you use either Chrome or the Microsoft Edge Web Browsers.

1. Once you have opened My Identity Portal, please use the Start now > button to begin the process.



2. Login to the portal using your NHSmail email address and password, e.g. “user@nhs.net”. If you have Multifactor Authentication (MFA) enabled, please follow the required steps to complete the authentication.


3. Once you complete the authentication process, you will be redirected to the home page; select the NHS Care Identity button as the account you want to link.



4. Click on Continue to progress to the next screen.




5. Insert your NHS Smartcard into the reader and, if offered a preferred choice of Authentication Mechanism, select Smartcard and click on Continue. If not, please proceed with Step 6.

If you have already got your NHS Smartcard in the reader and have typed in your PIN, please proceed with step 7.

6. Enter the associated PIN number of your NHS Smartcard in the pop-up box and click on OK.




Once you have entered your PIN, you may be redirected to another tab. Switch back over to the Link My NHS Accounts tab if this is the case.

7. Review your NHSmail and NHS Care Identity account details displayed in the confirmation page and select Confirm to approve the link to your NHSmail Account.



8. You’ve now successfully linked your NHSmail Account to your NHS Care Identity Account (NHS Smartcard). You have now the option to ‘Go to Link My NHS Accounts Home’ or ‘Go to NHSmail Portal’.

Help & Support

For any issues or queries, please contact a Local Administrator at your organisation in the first instance. If the problem persists and/or issue remains unsolved, please contact the NHSmail Helpdesk

Last Reviewed Date 22/09/2022
Updated on 22/09/2022
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