NHSmail & NHS Care Identity Sign In | Overview

This article contains relevant information and documentation about NHSmail and NHS Care Identity sign in, including an introduction to the solution, prerequisites, registration process and user guidance.

  1. What does this provide?
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Registration
  4. User Guidance
  5. Help & Support

1. What does this provide?

NHSmail & NHS Care Identity Service Sign In is a service that will allow NHSmail users who have a NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account to sign in with it and access services supported by NHSmail via supported web browsers. This addition to the NHSmail sign in page will offer users with NHS Care Identity an integrated sign on seamless experience. The time taken to sign in will be reduced, giving time back to users to focus on key tasks throughout the day.

When on the NHSmail sign in page, users who do not have a NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account will still have the option to sign in to their NHSmail account using their existing @nhs.net email address and password combination. Users who do have a NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account will now be able to sign with it  using the new ‘NHS Care Identity’ option provided.

2. Prerequisites

The following are prerequisites users have to meet prior to register and use their NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account:

User has an active nhs.net account
User has accepted NHSmail Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
User has an active NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account
User has got Credential Management System deployed on their machine and uses a compatible web browser

3. Registration

If you currently have a NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account, you will need to register it following a one-time 3 step process by using registration portal link below:

Follow this ‘step-by-step guidance’ which will take you through the full process.

Once you have completed the registration process, no further action is needed.


Please note NHS Care Identity Smartcards are similar to chip and PIN bank cards and enable healthcare professionals to access clinical and personal information appropriate to their role. Not all users will have access to a NHS Care Identity Smartcard; find out if you can order a Smartcard and Smartcard reader.

4. User Guidance

There is some useful guidance to help you to understand how the solution works and the process for you to register and use your NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) account to sign in to NHSmail services.

5. Help & Support

For any issues or queries, please contact a Local Administrator at your organisation in the first instance.

Please contact your local Registration Authority for any support with:

  • NHS Care Identity Smartcard (reporting a lost card, getting a replacement, unlocking, renewing or resetting your PIN)

Please contact the National Service Desk on 0300 3035035 or raise a call using the National Service Desk tool (HSCN connection required), for any support with:

  • NHS Credential Management or NHS Digital Identity Agent software
  • Access or issues connecting to HSCN VPN
  • Spine or other Clinical Applications
  • Other NHS Care Identity Smartcard issues

Please contact the NHSmail Helpdesk for any support with:

  • NHSmail account management (locked, disabled or password change)
  • Issues with NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) registrations with NHSmail
  • Issues login into NHSmail Portal services or web-based Office 365 applications
  • Removing an NHS Smartcard registration from NHSmail

Last Reviewed Date 19/11/2022
Updated on 19/11/2022

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