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NHSmail & NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) Sign In | User Manual

This manual provides step-by-step information to access NHSmail services using your NHS Smartcard.


To be able to access NHSmail Portal services and Office 365 applications (for example, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive) using your NHS Smartcard, you will need to register it with NHSmail first.

If you have not done so, please follow the NHS Smartcard Registration Manual.

How to sign in using an NHS Smartcard

1. Navigate to NHSmail Portal.

Note: We strongly recommend that you use either Chrome or the Microsoft Edge Web Browsers.

2. Click on the Login button in the top-right corner of the page.




3. Click on Log in with my Care Identity button




4. Insert your NHS Smartcard into the reader and, if offered a preferred choice of Authentication Mechanism, select Smartcard and click on Continue. If not, please proceed with Step 5.

If you have already got your NHS Smartcard into the reader and have typed in your PIN, please proceed with step 6.

5. Enter the associated PIN number of your NHS Smartcard in the pop-up box and click on OK.



Note: Once you have entered your PIN, you may be redirected to another tab. Switch back over to the NHSmail Portal tab if this is the case.

6. You’ve now successfully signed in using your NHS Smartcard.

Important Note:

Your organization’s settings might have set for your internet browser to close if you remove the Smartcard from the reader. If this is the case, your NHSmail portal or Office 365 session will also be closed, and you may be asked to log in again.

Help & Support

For any issues or queries, please contact a Local Administrator at your organisation in the first instance.

Please contact your local Registration Authority for any support with:

  • NHS Care Identity Smartcard (reporting a lost card, getting a replacement, unlocking, renewing or resetting your PIN)

Please contact the National Service Desk on 0300 3035035 or raise a call using the National Service Desk tool (HSCN connection required), for any support with:

  • NHS Credential Management or NHS Digital Identity Agent software
  • Access or issues connecting to HSCN VPN
  • Spine or other Clinical Applications
  • Other NHS Care Identity Smartcard issues

Please contact the NHSmail Helpdesk for any support with:

  • NHSmail account management (locked, disabled or password change)
  • Issues with NHS Care Identity (Smartcard) registrations with NHSmail
  • Issues login into NHSmail Portal services or web-based Office 365 applications
  • Removing an NHS Smartcard registration from NHSmail

Last Reviewed Date 19/11/2022
Updated on 19/11/2022

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