New Outlook Web App 2013 features

There are a number of useful new features in Outlook Web App 2013 which will enhance your ability to use your email

Viewing emails by Conversations

SFB viewing emailsThe Conversations view groups messages and their replies in a single view, or conversation. All the messages in a conversation are displayed in the reading pane, no matter what folder they are stored in. For example, if you have received an email and then replied to it, the messages will appear above one another in the reading pane.

By default, conversations view will be enabled

To disable conversations view:

SFB emails1. Click on Conversations by Date in the top left of the viewing pane and select Off

By disabling conversations view


Ignore conversations

To keep on-going email threads out of your inbox you can choose to ignore conversations started by others. For example, you may wish to ignore on-going conversations following a mailing list post. Ignoring emails will remove all emails related to that conversation from your inbox and will redirect them to your Deleted Items folder.

To ignore conversations:

SFB emails 1. Right click on an email in your inbox and select Ignore




Delete email2. Click OK on the pop-up box to confirm that this conversation will re-direct to your Deleted Items folder



For support on how to restore these message conversations, please refer to Recovering a deleted item in the user guide


Apps are new to Outlook Web App 2013 they work by analyse the content of incoming emails and automatically propose actions you might want to take. Refer to the Apps module of the user guide for more information.


Linked contacts

In Outlook Web App 2013, If you have two contact entries in your contact list for the same person, you will be able to merge all of the contact information into a single contact card to avoid duplication in your contact list

To link two contact entries:

SFB tab 31. Click People in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen


SFB manage contact2. Select the contact you wish to manage and view the contact card on the right side of the screen.

3. Click Manage… under Linked contacts on the contact card


If there is a suggested linked contact, it will appear under Suggested links in a new window

4. Select the suggested contact nameSFb contact

If there is no linked contact suggestion, you can search for a contact to link


Link contact5. Click Link

6. Click OK at the top right of the screen to close the window



ContactsThe contact will now show as a single entry in your contact list


If you wish to ignore the suggested linked contact, click Ignore


Last Reviewed Date 4/4/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022

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