MailTips provide end users with warnings or real-time tips during the composition of e-mails. For instance, if the recipient has set an Automatic Reply, a warning will be displayed in the sender’s email that that the recipient is out of office

The following table details the available Outlook Web App MailTips:

Mailbox FullIndicates the recipient’s mailbox is full and provides the sender with the option to remove the recipient from the message
Automatic RepliesIndicates that the recipient has Automatic Replies turned on and shows the first 175 characters of the automatic reply
Restricted RecipientIndicates that the sender cannot send messages to a particular recipient and provides the sender with the option to remove the recipient from the message
External RecipientsIndicates if the recipient is external to NHSmail (also indicates if a recipient within a distribution group is external to NHSmail)
Large AudienceIndicates if a sender adds a distribution group with more than 25 recipients
Moderated RecipientIndicates if the sender is moderated and that there may be a delay in delivery
Reply-All on BccIndicates that a user is replying-all to a message that they received as a Bcc copy and this fact will be revealed to everyone to which the message was sent
Invalid internal recipient (in Outlook only)Indicates that the user has added a recipient that is either not valid or no longer exists on NHSmail
Oversize message (in Outlook only)Indicates that the user has composed message size exceeds either recipient, sender or organizational limits.

Below is an example of where a MailTip will appear when you compose an email:example of mail tips location

Last Reviewed Date 13/03/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022

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