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Download Teams meeting attendance list

Teams meetings organisers can download a meeting attendance during the call.

To download the meeting attendance list please follow the below steps:

1. Join a meeting you have organised

2. Once in the meeting, click on Show participants



3. Click on the three dots next to Participants



4. Select Download attendance list




The report will download in a .CSV file named as meetingAttendanceList.

Important Note

  • Only meeting organisers can download the attendance reports. This option is not available to other attendees
  • The report can be downloaded only during the meeting
  • If the meeting ends and all attendees including the owner leaves the meeting, the function will not be available
  • The report will include Full Name of attendee, User Action (joined or left) and Timestamp

Last Reviewed Date 8/12/2020
Updated on 30/06/2022

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