Scoped Group Policy Analytics

Group Policy Analytics is a tool that shows which settings are supported in Intune. The tool helps to identify the deprecated GPO settings or GPO settings that are not available. It also provides options to migrate GPOs to Intune Settings Catalog policy. This works only for policies applicable to Windows 10/11 devices.

If your organisation uses on-premises GPOs to manage Windows 10/11 devices, then Group Policy Analytics is a good option to use.

Group Policy Analytics can be scoped now which presents a good option to allow organisations to manage their own GPOs analytics settings in the Intune NHSmail Tenant.

If you’re ready to remove the dependencies with on-premises AD, then analyzing your GPOs with Group Policy analytics is a good first step.

Note: It is not recommended to import all the Group policies from on-premises Active Directory to Intune. It is possible some settings don’t apply to cloud-based policy management or don’t apply to cloud native endpoints. Intune Local Admininstrators should assess each GPO’s requirement, then migrate it to Intune.


  • Intune Admin access to Intune NHSMail
  • GPOs exported from their Domain Controllers and saved as XML file type.
  • The maximum size allowed for a single GPO XML file is 4 MB. The import will fail if a single GPO is larger than 4 MB. Also, the GPO file must be Unicode-encoded.

For more information and guidance on how you can use this feature, please take a look at the Ops Guide here.

Last Reviewed Date 29/02/2024
Updated on 29/02/2024

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