Microsoft Tunnel

Microsoft Tunnel is a VPN gateway solution for Microsoft Intune that runs in a container on Linux and allows access to on-premises resources from iOS/iPadOS and Android Enterprise devices using modern authentication and Conditional Access.


  • An Azure subscription.
  • An Intune subscription e.g. EMS E3/E5
  • A Linux server that runs containers. This server can be on-premises or in the cloud:
  • Podman (RHEL)
  • Docker (Ubuntu/Debian)

Please note the following Linux distributions and corresponding container engines are supported:

Linux Distribution Container Engine
CentOS 7.4+(CentOS 8+ isn’t supported) Docker-CE
Red Hat (RHEL) 7.4+ thru RHEL 8.3 Docker-CE
Red Hat (RHEL) 8.4+ Podman v3.0 minimum supported version
Ubuntu 18.04 Docker-CE
Ubuntu 20.04 Docker-CE

NOTE: RedHat does not supply support for Docker-CE. Docker community support is available for Docker-CE.

  • A Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate for the Linux server to secure connections from devices to the Tunnel Gateway server.
  • Public DNS for the Linux instance that supports the on-premises tunnel
  • Devices that run Android or iOS/iPadOS.
  • To complete the Microsoft Tunnel configuration, organisations should raise a Service Request with the Intune Live Support Team only when Linux OnPremises Tunnel prerequisites are met.

More details on Microsoft Tunnel pre-requisites and configuration can be found here.

Last Reviewed Date 29/02/2024
Updated on 29/02/2024

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