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NHSmail Intune Service | What’s New?

This article provides an overview of new features which have been added to NHSmail Intune recently in order to enhance user experience and / or the security of the platform. This article will be updated periodically as and when additional new features are added.

MacOS Deployment

The NHSmail team are pleased to announce the macOS deployment solution to NHS Local Organisations on the Intune Platform.

MacOS devices are one of the supported platforms in Microsoft Intune. As part of the NHSmail Intune backlog, we have deployed a solution for macOS device enrollment.

The supported enrolment solution for NHSmail Intune is Apple Automated Device enrolment.

Apple Automated Device enrollment allows the automation experience on devices registered via Apple Business Manager (ABM). This method deploys the enrollment profile over-the-air.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is the Apple portal that enables enterprises to simplify and automate the bulk management and deployment of corporate-owned Apple devices, including MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. ABM provides a tight integration with Intune to allow secure and simplified user enrolment of devices.

To allow users to successfully enroll an MacOS devices, Intune Local Admins will need to download the Apple Device Enrolment (ADE) token from the Apple Business Manager (ABM) portal. This token will allow Intune to sync information about the Apple Device Enrolment (ADE) devices that an organization manages. In addition, the token allows Intune to upload Enrolment Profiles to Apple as well as assign devices to those profiles.

Detailed information on how to enable ABM can be found in the NHSmail Intune Operations Guide.


Prior to enrolling any MacOS devices onto Intune, the following minimum specifications should be validated:

  • Apple MacOS 10.15 and later

Devices reset for use are not currently part of another ABM.


It is recommended to upgrade devices MacOS 10.15 or later to the latest version to ensure devices have the latest security patches. 

For more information about this feature, please refer to the Operations Guide.

Last Reviewed Date 29/02/2024
Updated on 29/02/2024

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