Windows Autopatch

What is Autopatch?

Windows Autopatch is a Microsoft-Managed service that automates the deployment and management of updates for select Microsoft Products, including:

  1. Windows Feature and quality updates
  2. Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise updates
  3. Microsoft Edge updates
  4. Microsoft Teams client updates

Devices are marked healthy / unhealthy to indicate update status and can be monitored in the Intune UI blades to examine the coverage of updates in your organisation’s estate.

Windows Autopatch creates an update framework similar to Windows Update rings and devices can be aligned to ‘fast’ and ‘slower’ update cadence in a similar way.

To read a detailed description of the capabilities and operation of this framework, refer to the Microsoft Windows Autopatch Documentation reference

Last Reviewed Date 29/02/2024
Updated on 29/02/2024

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