Email Warning Messages

If you receive any spam emails which contain the warning “NHSmail detected and removed a file named (name of file sent to you)” please proceed to delete the email without reporting it to us. The NHSmail spam filters have added that message and removed the file for your protection as they have already identified a potential threat in the original content. No further action is necessary. However, if you believe a legitimate email has been incorrectly filtered, contact your Local IT service desk who will be able to provide assistance in the first instance.

You may also receive an email which contains the following warning: “This message was sent from an email address external to NHSmail but gives the appearance of being from an NHSmail( address. The recipient should verify the sender and content before acting upon information contained within.” The NHSmail spam filters have added this message as a warning for your protection to advise you that although it looks like the mail is sent from an account, it is not. Caution should be used before acting upon the email. If you do believe this message to be unsolicited then please report it following the instructions in section 3.

Last Reviewed Date 10/4/2019



Updated on 28/06/2022

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