Customising Configuration

LAs can apply settings and adapt the behaviour of the Cloud PCs for their organisation once all onboarding and licensing activities required are completed. The Intune Operations Guide provides further information on how to do this.

Creation of Groups

Groups are created to manage access for users, devices and configuration, this ensures correct access and permissions are provided. Refer to section 4.5 Group Creation Management for further guidance.

Scope Tags

Scope tags are used to manage access using groups, so that Administrators can determine devices, applications and policy settings to scope only to their organisation. Please refer to below links:

Creating Policies

LAs will create policies via the Intune Portal, please refer to links below for further guidance.

How to configure user policies – User Policy Management and Edit User Policy.

LAs to take a look at  4.5.6 Intune Policy Assignment Best Practice.


LAs will manage applications that are required for Cloud PCs for users in their organisation.

Refer to section 8.5 within the Intune LA guide – Windows 10/11 Application Mgt.

Last Reviewed Date 09/07/2024
Updated on 09/07/2024

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