Cloud PC Provisioning

Provisioning profile is a one-time per user and per-license process. A provisioning profile is created with specific parameters to deploy a Cloud PC for a W365 user with a license assigned.

Viewing provisioning profiles

1. Select a Provisioning profile you wish to view.




2. View the key areas of the provisioning polices you may wish to edit.



Editing the general information of the provisioning profile

1. While viewing a provisioning profile click the ‘edit’ button on the general category.



2. Here you can edit the following general settings:

            • Description – This allows changes to the description, that makes it distinct.
            • Single Sign On enabled / disabled.

3. Once changes are made click ‘update’ on the Review + Save Tab:

Editing the image type of the provisioning profile.

Local Administrators can edit and change the W365 image for an existing provisioned profile. LAs may want to use this feature to change the image currently being used to accommodate specific end-user requirements for different use cases.  Please see key steps to follow below:

1. When viewing the provisioning profile ‘Gallery Image type’, select the ‘edit’ button.

2. From selecting the change button. A drop down of the different types of windows images will appear.


4. From the drop down, click on your preferred image and click ‘Select’ and then ‘Next’.



On the Review + Save tab review your changes and click ‘Update’.



To note, when the image type is changed, the Cloud PCs that use this policy must be re-provisioned for the users. Bulk-select the Cloud PCs and apply the provisioning policy updates.

Edit the configurations of the Provisioning Profile

LAs may want to edit the assigned configuration to the Provisioning Policy, this can be used to adapt key configurations and additional services. These steps provide guidance on how to make the changes:

1. When viewing the provisioning profile select the ‘edit’ button on the configuration category.



2. From the list of configuration settings LAs can change:

a. Cloud PC Language & Region

b. Cloud PC Naming Template

c. Additional services for Cloud PCs (Windows Autopatch)

3. On the Review + Save tab review your changes and click ‘Update’.

Last Reviewed Date 09/07/2024
Updated on 09/07/2024

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