Licensing for Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Before selecting Windows 365 licensing for users, they must be assigned the following license options as enabled in the NHSmail portal licensing blade, within the National M365 E3 License:

End-user License Purpose Available in M365 E3
Intune Plan 1 Provides Cloud PC Management Yes
Windows Enterprise E3 Entitlement to use Windows 365 Yes

M365 License Requirements

The following Windows 365 licenses will be made available in the NHS Portal to provision Cloud PCs for users:

W365 Device Size SKU
W365 Ent 2vCPU/4GB/256GB I74-00004
W365 Ent 2vCPU/8GB/128GB 7BT-00005
W365 Ent 2vCPU/8GB/256GB I75-00004
W365 Ent 4vCPU/16GB/128GB I76-00004
W365 Ent 4vCPU/16GB/256GB I4V-00005
W365 Ent 4vCPU/16GB/512GB I77-00004
W365 Ent 8vCPU/32GB/128GB I78-00004
W365 Ent 8vCPU/32GB/256GB I4W-00004
W365 Ent 8vCPU/32GB/512GB I79-00004
W365 Ent 16vCPU/64GB/512GB Q0W-00001
W365 Ent 16vCPU/64GB/1TB Q0X-00001

Windows 365 Licensing

To note, full licensing options will be available at General Availability. The licenses for SKU 7BT-00005 are available to adopt free of charge until March 2025 subject to availability.

Last Reviewed Date 09/07/2024
Updated on 09/07/2024

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