Updating security questions: Self-Service

You will need to use your security questions and answers to complete the self-service password reset process or when contacting your Local Administrator for support with activities such as account lock out. You can update your security questions at any time through the Portal. You should do this if the answers to the questions change, you think someone may know the answers to your questions or if you are having trouble remembering the answers to your current questions.

There are two methods to update your security questions and answers:

1. Self-Service Update

2. Admin Process – this will be followed if you cannot remember your current security questions and answers

Self-Service Update

If you believe you know your current security questions and answers, you can trigger the reset process via your own account.

1. Click Profile in the navigation bar at the top of the screen




2. Select the Security Questions tab




3. Click the Reset Security Questions and Answers button at the bottom of the page



4. Authenticate yourself by entering the required characters from your current security answers and click Submit




• If you input an incorrect character, on clicking Submit, the authentication attempt will fail. A red cross will be displayed next to the appropriate character fields where an incorrect character has been entered.

• You have limited attempts to authenticate your account. If you are unsuccessful, please contact your Local Administrator for assistance.

For further information on identifying your Local Administrator, please visit the following: Finding a Local Administrator

5. If you successfully authenticate yourself, you will be prompted to input your new questions and answers. Enter these into the appropriate fields.



6. Click Save at the bottom of the page




7. A pop-up will appear notifying you that you will be logged off. Click Ok.




Additional Information:

If you forget the answers to your security questions, you should contact your Local Administrator (LA) to discuss the local process of how you can alternatively authenticate yourself.

Once your identity has been confirmed, your LA will have the ability to remove your current security questions and answers. On next login, you will be prompted to reset your questions and answers.

Last Reviewed Date 28/10/2022



Updated on 28/10/2022

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