Searching for a contact in the Directory

You may want to search for someone in the Directory to view their contact details or to add them to your personal contacts

1. Click People icon in the navigation bar at the top left of the screen

2. Select Directory on the left side of the screen


3. To search for a specific contact, type the name in the search bar at the top of the screen



Once you have searched for someone you can choose to add them to your contacts so that you don’t have to search for them in the Directory again. See Adding someone from the directory to your contacts


Ensure you are adding the correct person by checking their contact details

  • Click the cross to the right of the search bar to display the Directory list again
Handy Hint

You can also schedule a meeting and send emails from the People page, as well as instant message someone from the Directory search page

If you are logged into Outlook Web App Instant Messenger you will be able to see other people’s presence. Refer to Outlook Web App Instant Messenger in the Outlook Web App Learning Series for more information

Last Reviewed Date 02/05/2024
Updated on 21/05/2024

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