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Retention Policy not suitable for high volume accounts – PRB0183368

Issue description

The current two-year Exchange Online Global Retention Policy (GRP) is not suitable for certain workflows that involve high volume mailbox accounts, issues from this can affect all account types including: User, Shared, Application and Resource mailboxes.

Latest update and guidance

There are a few options available for users.

  • To create a new mailbox and set up a redirect.
  • To raise a request with the NHSmail Helpdesk (helpdesk@nhs.net) for our engineers to run the mailbox through MFA(Managed folder assistance). This will clear down any items older than 2 years.
  • To apply the Auto Expanding Archive Function Auto-Expanding Archive Mailbox – NHSmail Support
  • To raise a request with feedback@nhs.net to be removed from GRP and have the deleted emails purged. This only targets content within the eDiscovery folder. The mailbox will then be re-added to GRP. This process is preapproved for Application Accounts only.

This was investigated as part of problem record PRB0183368.

Last Reviewed Date 03/10/2022
Updated on 03/10/2022

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