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Retention Policy not suitable for high volume accounts – PRB0183368

Issue description

The current two-year Exchange Online Global Retention Policy (GRP) is not suitable for certain workflows that involve high volume mailbox accounts, issues from this can affect all account types including: User, Shared, Application and Resource mailboxes.

Latest update and guidance

There are a few options available for users.

  • To create a new mailbox and set up a redirect.
  • To raise a request with the NHSmail Helpdesk (helpdesk@nhs.net) for our engineers to run the mailbox through MFA(Managed folder assistance). This will clear down any items older than 2 years.
  • To apply the Auto Expanding Archive Function Auto-Expanding Archive Mailbox – NHSmail Support
  • To raise a request with helpdesk@nhs.net to be removed from GRP and have the deleted emails purged. This only targets content within the eDiscovery folder. The mailbox will then be re-added to GRP. This process is preapproved for Application Accounts only.

NOTE: For GRP removal requests relating to User mailboxes, the affected user will need to provide approval from a Director/Head of the Department confirming that they understand the risk of performing this action. The team can remove the retention policy applied to the mailbox and run “Managed Folder Assistant” (MFA) that will remove emails from this area that do not comply with the policy – effectively completely deleting emails. This could include those emails within the recover deleted items area of the mailbox.

Should the user be a member of an organisation that is part of the ongoing Covid Enquiry, they will need the request to be approved by NHS England as well as their own Organisation.

This was investigated as part of problem record PRB0183368.

Last Reviewed Date 03/04/2023
Updated on 03/04/2023

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