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Portal Refresh FAQs

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Portal refresh. Please also read the announcement that explains the planned changes: NHSmail Portal – Refresh update.  

If you are interested in learning more about the planned changes for the Portal refresh, please continue reading this article. However, if you are new to NHSmail or are unsure about how to log into the Portal then please refer to this article: Logging into NHSmail as a new user for the first time – NHSmail Support.

What will change? 

The refreshed Portal will have an improved layout and redesign that is easy to interact with. Direct links between Portal pages and the related Support Site articles will be also included in the change to improve support.  

The refreshed Portal will be available to all NHSmail users. All features and permissions you currently have access to will remain the same. The initial release will not contain changes to the functionality or features of the Portal. 

When will it change? 

The refreshed Portal will be available to all users in 2023 once testing has been fully completed and validated with the pilot group. The exact date of the changeover from the current Portal to the refreshed version will be communicated to all Local Administrators in advance. 

Important Note: The new version will replace the existing Portal pages. NHSmail will ensure all existing data will be maintained and accessible from the new pages.  

What are NHSmail doing to ensure the new Portal is accessible?  

The refreshed Portal will adhere to the UK government’s accessibility standards for public sector bodies as set out in the Public Sector (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.   

How will the Portal navigation change?    

The navigation of the Portal will become more intuitive. This is based on feedback received from LAs and users during the initial redesign workshops.   

How will error message on the Portal change?   

Error recovery messages on the Portal will be made clearer with specific information about the nature of the error and links to relevant Support Site guidance where applicable. 

How will the mobile compatibility of the Portal change?  

The mobile compatibility of the Portal will be optimised to improve the user experience when the Portal is viewed or accessed via a mobile device.  

Please note: browser support will remain the same. 

What support is available? 

All relevant areas of the NHSmail Support Site will be refreshed as part of the new Portal work. Direct links to relevant content will be included within the Portal itself as part of the new design to improve the support experience.  

Please note that the NHSmail Helpdesk will remain as the initial contact point for all incidents and queries regarding the Portal and the wider service.  

The Helpdesk can be contacted directly via helpdesk@nhs.net / 0333 200 1133. 

Share Feedback 

If you have any feedback, please email the Feedback Team with the subject line: “NHSmail Portal Refresh”. 

Last Reviewed Date 25/01/2023


Updated on 08/03/2024
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