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NHSmail Firewall and Proxy Server Access

Organisations may have firewall and web proxy restrictions in place for connectivity to NHSmail and Office 365. Based on your organisation’s network design, it is important to ensure access to NHSmail services is correctly configured from a firewall and proxy server perspective.

Nhs.net URLs

For users to access services including – but not limited to – NHSmail Portal (portal.nhs.net), sign-in services (fs.nhs.net) and the support site (support.nhs.net), proxy servers must be configured to allow-list the following service URL…

We recommend ensuring access is available to all of “nhs.net” (outbound and inbound) rather than restricting to specific subdomains.

If for any reason there is a requirement to restrict access locally to specific subdomains, you will need to contact helpdesk@nhs.net for an updated list of nhs.net endpoints.

Important Note
IP ranges for NHSmail services are changing in February to March 2021.

It is important to ensure that local firewall and proxy access is not restricted to IP address ranges rather than hostnames. Please review firewall restrictions, URL/IP address lists, hard coded DNS entries, web proxy configurations and configure rules accordingly.

URLs/IP ranges for Microsoft Services

Users can access firewall and proxy server requirements for required Microsoft online services at the following links:

Last Reviewed Date 09/02/2021
Updated on 25/07/2022

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