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LA communication – 22 February 2022

Important information: Local Administrator (LA) webinar changes

Dear Primary/Local Administrator,

From 25 February 2022, the fortnightly Local Administrator (LA) webinar will be hosted in the private NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration Team.

To attend the webinar please follow the link NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration>NHSmail webinar channel or if you are already a member via the LA webinar invite.

Please note, to access the NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration Team for the webinar, you must be a nominated Primary or Local Administrator for your organisation.

If you are a Primary or Local Administrator and require access to the Team, please follow the link to the NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration Team to request access.

For further information please visit the NHSmail support pages – Local Administrator Webinars – NHSmail Support.

For any questions, please contact feedback@nhs.net.

Best wishes,

NHSmail Team

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Last Reviewed Date 22/02/2022
Updated on 05/01/2023
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