Guest Inviter Group Management

Introduction to Guest Inviter Management

Eligible Guest Inviter groups allow Local Administrators to apply Guest Inviter permissions to a defined group of users. An organisation can only have one group. The users that are members of this group will be given the permissions in Azure AD to invite external users as guests to the NHSmail tenant through the NHSmail portal. These users will also have the permissions to approve guest access extensions for external users.

If you are a Local Administrator, you will be able to manage guest inviters via the NHSmail portal.

Important Note: The B2B Approver and Guest inviter roles are obtained together. These can be assigned by Local Administrators of the organisation where Guest Users need to be invited to. These roles are obtained via creating an Eligible Guest Inviters Group. Alternatively if the organisation already has an Eligible Guest Inviters Group configured then a new member can be added to this group to obtain the two roles. (Further guidance provided below).

Please note: Users will only be able to see eligible Guest Users associated to the organisation that they have the B2B Approver and Guest Inviter role for.

Additionally, within the MyApprovals tab, you can approve/reject any B2B requests made by Guest Users. For example, platform access extension requests.

Creating an Eligible Guest Inviters Group

To create a group:

1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Manage Eligible Guest Inviters from the drop down menu


2. Click Add in the top left of the screen and select Eligible Guest Inviters



3. Select the owning Organisation to which the new group will apply, from the drop down menu



Handy Hint

 Eligible Guest Inviter group names are automatically prefixed with the Organisational Data Service (ODS) code of the organisation the group belongs to.

Once you have selected the Organisation, you can add members to the group. Users can only be added by using the Import option at the time of creation of this group.

Refer the Import section for more information on using Import function.


Once Group is created members can be added one by one

4. Select Request to finish creating your Eligible Guest Inviters group. It will then be added to the Eligible Guest Inviters group list.


Additional Information: Adding members

  • Users can only be added to a a policy if they belong to the parent organisation (selected from the drop-down list) or a child organisation.
  • Bulk upload of users will fail if the status of one of the users in the CSV file is not active, (inactive, disabled, deletedor locked status will cause the upload to fail)
  • The maximum number of users that can be added to a group is 100,000.
  • Eligible Guest Inviter group names are automatically prefixed with the Organisational Data Service (ODS) code of the organisation the user policy belongs to.

Editing and deleting an Eligible Guest Inviters Group

To edit a group: 

1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Manage Eligible Guest Inviters from the drop down menu



2. Use the search box to find a Guest Inviter group. The results of the search will be displayed on the screen



The system will return results for any eligible guest inviter group which contains the text entered in the search box

Handy Hint

 If you select the magnifying glass in the search box instead of typing in search criteria, you will be shown all the eligible guest inviter groups that are available to you as a Local Administrator. 

3. Click the Eligible Guest Inviter Group to open theEdit Eligible Guest Inviter Group page

Adding members

You can add members to the group, either by using the Add or Import option.

To Add members using Add option

1. Click on Add




2. After selecting Add, search for user using their email address or display name. After locating the relevant user you want to add as member or owner, select the box on the left-hand side of the screen and then click ‘Select


3. Click on Update at the bottom of the page




A success notification will be displayed



To Add members using Import option

1. Click on Import





 The format for uploading the CSV is the same as the MembersListSample.CSV and should be in a single column with “Email Address” as the header row. 

2. Click on Browse




3. Select the CSV file, click on it and click Open




4. Click on Upload





If you are uploading a large file, this upload might take some time. You are able to leave the bulk upload screen and can refer to the notification screen by clicking on the notifications icon at the top right of the screen to see the status of the file upload as seen in the screenshot below. Once import is completed, a success message will appear

Removing a user

1. Click on red to the left of the email address in the list of Members


2. Click on Update

Local Administrators can bulk import to add or remove members into / from an eligible guest inviter group. The list imported will replace the current list of members. This can be done by using the Import function. Refer to the steps in Adding members via Import section for more information.


When an eligible guest inviter list is imported, the members list is replaced exactly with the contents of the uploaded file. So, to avoid losing the existing members of the group, first export the members list and then add all the new members to the bottom of the exported list. This process can also be followed to remove existing members of the group.

Deleting Eligible Guest Inviters Group

1. Click Delete





 When a group is deleted, all the users will be removed as members of the group. This means they will lose their guest inviter permissions so they will no longer be able to invite external users as guests or approve guest access extension requests 

Last Reviewed Date 03/03/2023
Updated on 02/03/2023

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