Grouping and sorting emails

Grouping emails

You can easily view your emails by grouping them according to your personal preferences

Select mail1. Click Mail in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen


click items by date2. Click on Items By Date (which may also appear as Conversations By Date) under the email search bar


3. Select either date, from, flagged, size, subject, type, attachments or importance to set how your emails will be sorted

You may flag an email if you want to complete it within a specified period of time, or set a reminder for it. For more information on flagging emails, refer to the Managing tasks and reminders module

4. Choose the order in which your email will be sorted by selecting from the options under Order

select the sorting option you wish to useFor example, if you choose to sort your emails by date, you can then order them by either newest on top or oldest on top, however if you have chosen to sort your email depending on who they are from, the options will be to either start with A on top or start with Z on top


Viewing emails as conversations

If you choose to view emails as conversations, your emails will be listed and grouped by subject and sender and will include any sent and forwarded items within the same email chain

click items by date1. Click on Items By Date – if this reads Conversations By Date, then your emails will already be sorted as conversations


ensure conversations is On2. Click on in the Conversations section and your emails will be displayed as conversations


example of viewing by conversationThis option can be reversed at any time by repeating the same steps and selecting off



Last Reviewed Date 26/02/2019
Updated on 06/07/2022

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