Editing External Organisations

Editing details of an External Organisation

Important Note

Incorrectly formatted domains (e.g. the inclusion of www. in the domain) cannot be edited once a request has been submitted and will need to be resubmitted in the correct format. The incorrectly formatted request will be removed from the NHSmail portal.

To edit details of an external organisation:

1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Manage External Organisation Access from the drop down menu


2. Use the search box to find a user policy. The results of the search will be displayed on the screen



The system will return results for any external organisation that contains the text entered in the search box

Handy Hint

If you select the magnifying glass in the search box instead of typing in search criteria, you will be shown all the external organisations

3. Click the External Organisation to open the Edit External Organisation page

Handy Hint

You will be able to update all of the fields except for the Organisation Domain but remember that all the mandatory fields will need to remain populated.



4. Click Update to save the changes



Only the NHSmail Sponsor or an NHSmail Global Administrator will be able to update the details of an external organisation.

Last Reviewed Date 19/04/2024
Updated on 19/04/2024

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