INC41680443 – Unable to access Shared Mailboxes via OWA – RESOLVED

29/02/2024 09:00:00 AM (GMT)

Microsoft Reference: 2402290050000874

Microsoft Service Degradation Reference: EX720022

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description : We have identified an issue where users are unable to access Shared Mailboxes via OWA. Users accessing a SMB using the Outlook application do not appear to be impacted. The behaviour being presented returns the user back to their personal mailbox rather than opening the Shared Mailbox as expected.

Current Update: 29/02/2024 20:00:00 PM Microsoft have confirmed that this issue is the result of a change made to the Exchange front end services early on the morning of the 29/02. Now that the root cause has been identified, it has been rolled back and our tests have shown that we can access SMBs in the usual way again without issues.

Should you continue to experience any issues, please refer to the original workaround steps outlined below and contact the NHSmail Helpdesk for further support:

  1. Users should use the direct URL to access their SMB –
  2. If this does not work, please try clearing your cache and cookies (browsing history) and restart your browser before re-trying to access the Shared Mailbox again as above.
  3. Please also try accessing the Shared Mailbox using a different browser.
  4. Users are also advised to try accessing the Shared Mailbox using incognito mode or a private browser window.

Thank you for your patience whilst we worked to support Microsoft in resolving this issue.

To report any issues, please contact 0333 200 1133 /

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