Information – Microsoft 365 Plan for Change – Intune – Intune adding support for Microsoft Azure Attestation service for Windows 11

02/08/2023 09:45:00 AM (GMT)

Issue Status: Plan for change

How this will affect your organisation: If you set any of the Windows 10/11 Compliance policy – Device Health settings, Windows 11 devices will begin to use a MAA attestation provider based on your Intune tenant location. You may need to ensure there are no firewall policies preventing access to the new Intune MAA attestation providers for Windows 11. Windows 11 devices with assigned compliance policies using any of the device health settings will fall out of compliance if they are unable to reach the MAA attestation endpoints for their location.

Note: Windows 10 devices will continue to use the existing DHA endpoint – “” for device health attestation reporting.

What you need to do, to prepare: Check your network to ensure there are no firewall rules blocking outbound HTTPS/443 traffic to the endpoints listed below

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