Information – Power Platform Transition

08/09/2022 08:30:00 AM (BST)

A new NHSmail Default Environment with an updated data residency in the United Kingdom was created on September 7th. As part of this activity, the old NHSmail Default Environment (Europe) will no longer be the Default Environment.

Identified users who might have been affected by the Power Platform environment transition have been communicated regarding what actions they need to take prior to and post the Power Platform Transition. For further information on how this may have impacted users visit the Power Platform Transition Guidance.

Where can I get support? 

 To learn more about NHSmail Power Platform strategy, please visit the Power Platform guidance on the NHSmail support site.

If you have any concerns regarding the Power Platform Transition, please raise a Power Platform incident via the NHSmail Helpdesk Self-Service.

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